What A Difference A Day Makes. Um, Not Much.

Yesterday I drafted a huge venting post about my parasitic BIL who turned up again at our house at 3 AM Sunday a week past and how three days later we found out he was terminal from his AML which had metastasized.  And now that means we get to take care of him until he dies.  Because his kids hate him and won’t take him in. 


I was really mad about a lot of things about it:  he is unappreciative, pain medication abusive, manipulative, etc.  It was made worse because he had made no moves to pay us back money he owed us-although he was in a position to do so-nor had he offered to pay us something for feeding and sheltering him.  Since we are a household on a fixed income this had made things difficult for us and he seemed totally okay with that. 


Yesterday afternoon he paid my husband back for the money he loaned us and then offered to pay us something for room and board.  Okay, I’m being kind.  He offered to pay us for dinners.  I said to my husband that he does more than just eat dinner with us, you know.  He uses electricity just like the rest of us and plays with the thermostat unless I lock it.  I clean the bathroom he’s using and the rest of the house he has use of.  But not to appear unkind, even if in my head I am totally still ticked off at this guy, I said $50 a week.  Cuz I’m a sucker. 

Anyway, that makes us financially even-steven for now.  So I get to sit and wait for the next really stupid irresponsible thing he does that we get to bail him out of before I can do a venting rant post about him…


3 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes. Um, Not Much.

    • It’s really sweet that you think that, amforte66, but I think it’s abundantly clear that I’m not. I think horribly mean thoughts toward a dying person. That is probably a definition of mean in some dictionary. But one day I really will be a kind, good person. I hope.

      • I totally get that, but YOU are the one who took him in when no one else would. You said YES and are taking care of him for pretty much no payment, monetary or any other sort. So, yes, I think you are a really kind, good person. 🙂

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