Diagnosis is Murder

You may recall that Mrs. Duck was exhibiting strange symptoms over the weekend.  We quarantined her, medicated with a broad spectrum natural remedy, and waited.  She seemed better after a few days and we let her out.  She walked around quacking for a bit and then sat down and did her neck-hangy thingie.  It looks like this: 

From Earthlink, Working With Poultry

Except she’s sitting, not standing.  Unfortunately, if you follow the link, it seems to be a clear case of what they call “limberneck”.  Or in french, “botulism”.  Okay, that’s not french.  Isn’t “limberneck” friendlier?  And happier?  Much. 

But, just in case it is a duck version of Crookneck, which I dealt with in Anti-Squeaky when she was young, we are dosing her with vitamin E and waiting again. 

If it is botulism, she’s had the symptoms for about five days now, although she was acting a bit wonky two days earlier. so all told about a week.  From what I read, she’ll either survive it or she won’t.  I don’t know how she picked it up;  Everyone else is okay. 

Here’s to a happy ending. 


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