Sometime in early 2013, my husband traded a car for a motorcycle.  It seemed like a good deal at the time.  Even Steven.

Until he wanted new pipes.  And a new windshield.  And a cool helmet.  And two leather motorcycle jackets.  Oh, and the motorcycle has to have somewhere to live now, because God Forbid it should get a raindrop on it.

Enter:  The Shed.

shed debt 001

shed debt 002

It’s a rent-to-own deal, so the monthly payments are low, but I checked the paperwork and the total payoff is ridiculous, so we’ll pay it off early somehow.

I can feel a migraine coming on.


3 thoughts on “Shed

  1. I’ve had the privilege of being nominated for the Liebster award, and in turn I get to nominate a set of blogs – so I’ve decided to nominate you because I like your blog so much! Click the link to find out what you have to do! It’s a little bit of work, but it’s kind of fun too.

  2. I Know how you feel, woman! My Other Half and his Dad are both bikers!… Sheds? Parts? Oils? Leathers? Helmets? Oh, the list is indeed endless… But, the way it makes their eyes shine is all worth it! 🙂

    • I’ll try to look at it that way, liisur. It certainly does make him happy. When I first met him his motorcycle lived in the living room of his little house out in the boondocks, so I should have known where it stood in his affections. ;O)

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