Things You Won’t Read On My About Page

I have a dog.  Her name is Chloe.  She is a rat terrier.  That really says it all if you know rat terriers, but I will go on to explain for those of you that don’t.

She is the Queen of the World.

snow garden bandana 010

She is very protective of her house and her yard and her people.  Do not mess with her.

from the Getty Commons Collection

She takes awhile to warm up to people.  She will hesitantly approach you, sniff you all over, decide if she likes you or not and then either jump in your lap, ignore you or growl at you.  She never changes her mind.

We are going away for a few days this summer and I need to find a place to board her.  The local vet said they would board her but she would need a current rabies shot and an exam before they would accept her.  No problem.

Except Chloe hates the vet.  She hates people she doesn’t know touching her.  She will not let you clip her nails without a muzzle (and good luck with that) or a tranquilizer.   She’s the Queen, remember?

So let us imagine that everything went well until we put her up on the exam table.  Nippity Snippity, no charge but please leave, thank you very much.

I hate to admit that the whole thing amused me a bit.  I took immense satisfaction in knowing that her dislike of these things was universal and not limited to me.  That doesn’t solve my boarding problem, but we’ll deal with that later.

So, here’s the thing.

Chloe is me.  I am the Queen of my world.  I try to order it and regulate it and control it because that makes me feel calm.  I am highly suspicious of strangers;  While I may not sniff them, I am slow to warm up to new people.  In a sense, I circle around them for a few weeks until I can ‘feel’ them and then I will either jump in their lap, ignore them or growl at them.  I do tend to snap at my doctor, unfortunately, because I come from a more ‘natural’ approach and he does not.  I have not had to be muzzled yet, but there is always time for that.

This all puts me in an odd position as a blogger.  Yes, I’m putting myself out there in the yard but I’m not really sure I want to let you open the gate and come in.  Can’t we just play with each other for a bit, you on your side and me on mine for a while?

I promise not to bite.




4 thoughts on “Things You Won’t Read On My About Page

  1. LOL! I think all terriers are that way – we had a toy fox terrier when I was younger and she was that way as well.

    I hope you find somewhere to board Chloe so that you can get away this summer – you deserve a nice vacation. 🙂

    • I need to figure out somewhere to take her where they will understand that is just what terrier is like.
      It’s not a ‘vacation’ per se; We have a religious convention every summer which is usually in Roanoke, Va, easy driving distance. But this year there are no English Conventions in VA at all! So we have to go to Winston-Salem, about 2 1/2 hours away, and stay overnight for three nights. I’m dreading it on sooo many levels and I don’t know if they make enough GABA for me to get through it all. *chuckle*

  2. I think we choose dogs like ourselves. My one dog, Lex, is way nicer than me though. I think he’s more like James. Lex’s sister, Rosie, was more Karen-ish. Things pushed her buttons and got on her nerves so she removed herself from the situation.

    • Interesting thought. I know that Chloe mirrors household stress. Since my Brother-in-Law is staying with us she is very jumpy–barks at every little knock, etc. He is in a chemo-break right now and I’m sure she can sense the vulnerability and has ‘stepped up’ her vigilance.

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