Say ‘Hi!’ To The Neighbors

But I don’t know if I’ll like them.

Maybe they won’t like me.

They look different than me.

I think they speak with an accent and it’s hard to understand them.

Oh,no, they look like they are in a different financial class than me;  What will they think of my beat-up old truck and my husband’s motorcycle?  Or my chickens and the past&future goats?

It’s so much easier not to say ‘hi’ much less ‘hi!’

It’s easier just to have my little blog all by myself in my house with my chickens and my goats past&future and people that I know.

Well, maybe I’ll try.

How do I do it?  Oh, let’s search some tags….  No, I don’t want to read about other people with chickens and goats who homestead in the woods.  Hmm….  Maybe other Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Ouch, the hostility!  Maybe let’s not search that one….Mental Illness?  Um, no, their crazy and my crazy just don’t seem to mix…

Oh, wait, I know, People Who Like To Work On Junky Houses But Don’t Have Any Money….

Hunh, doesn’t seem to be a tag for that…

So, did I follow you?  Is that how you found me?

I know, I’m not sure about me either.

I’m a little weird.

But I think you just might be, too.


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