I Hate Shopping

I have often said of myself that I missed out on some secret Girl Training classes that “they” had. 

I don’t love makeup.  My face care routine consists of soap and water, cocoa butter moisturizer, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Pink Lipstick.  Mascara on Sunday.  That’s it.

And shopping.  Hate it. I go in, get what I need, leave.  No dilly-dallying around looking at this and that. 

So when today’s blog challenge was to check out other themes than the one that I had originally picked, well, I was not happy. It was akin to going bikini shopping in a dressing room with bad lighting.  Ugh.

But I did it.  In fact, I overdid it.  Check out and preview five different themes?  Ha!  I spit upon your five themes!  I will check out and preview 20!  Ha! 

I quickly discovered several things about my blog preferences.  I want my own header, my own chicken who I dearly loved, and I don’t want the title of my blog plastered across the center of her pretty chicken face.  Crossing out multiple possibilities of themes and moving on.

Also, even though I had originally chosen Yoko theme, I discovered that I really liked a two column appearance.  Simple, clean, less distracting. 

I was temporarily infatuated with Little Story and Flora and Fauna but then I saw they weren’t free.  Oh *cough* sorry, blogging, I don’t love you that much.

I even toyed with the idea of doing a Cutest Blog On The Block design, like I had done a few years back on blogger, but I’m trying to keep it simple here. 

Doh!  Simple

I’ll try it out for a while and see if I like it.  Frankly, I see my dashboard more than the blog, but I’m trying to represent something about myself in this choice, I think. 

I want to clear away the clutter and keep it clean. 

Works for me.


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