I Can Handle It

In spite of the weather prognosticators calling for winter weather this coming Tuesday, I broke ground in my garden today.  Well, sort of.  Because the shovel handle was broken, the rake handle was broken, I couldn’t find a hand spade, and I refused to buy new stuff.  I called to mind one of my favorite old propaganda posters of yesteryear:

use it up

I decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and replace the broken handles.  How hard can it be?

I used a pry bar and a hammer to remove the two small nails holding the handle into the shovel ‘head’.  Then I used a properly sized wrench in an entirely improper manner to back the broken wood out of the head of the shovel.

how to handle a shovel 021 how to handle a shovel 022

I followed a similar method with the leaf rake, but it was more challenging because no one ever imagined that someone might want to replace the handle.  Thus, the only way to get the broken wood out of the ‘head’ of the rake was with a drill and a spade bit.

how to handle a shovel 020 how to handle a shovel 031 how to handle a shovel 030

Battle is half won!  A trip to Carson’s for new handles, a short chat about the weather with the overalled owner as we stood in the aisle between the poultry feed and the deli, and we’re off!  (I’d already been in the store twice before this morning, once for feed and once for broccoli plants.  Sometime I wonder how scatterbrained they think I am.)

The handles were astonishingly easy to install.  Place in the ‘shaft’, upend and have your husband pound repeatedly on the ground while complaining it is hurting his hands, take the tool back and nail or screw into place the holding nails or um, screws and you’re done!

Except for the small bit about not actually even starting to turn over the garden.  But when you’ve done that and moved a dead squirrel carcass that you’ve been waiting for bugs to eat so that you can retrieve its tiny skull with it’s tiny teeth, well, then you have an Official Spring Garden!  Yay!

how to handle a shovel 038

Now I just need to plant the other beds in something….


2 thoughts on “I Can Handle It

  1. LOL that sounds about right. We do the same things at our place. Bill is definitely a use it up kind of guy. And the dead squirrel carcass – yep. Every year that my son gets a deer – we bury the head for a year and dig it up so that we can get the skull. I have his first deer on my front porch (Guarding the front garden) and his last one with 4 inch antlers is at Bill’s house guarding the tool shed. I don’t know really what fascinates us about the skull but we like them. The neighbors put cow skulls on their fences – I’m not sure if this is to show the remaining cows what their ultimate fate is or what but they have decorated the entire fence line with them.

    • I’m glad you told me about how long it might take for me to get the skull. I was disappointed because we shot it in the fall and I pulled it out from under the chicken coop three months later–it had not decomposed at all. So I buried it in the garden about a month ago and the fur is just starting to slough off and it is a little gooey but still not a lot of progress. I will try to be patient because I really want that skull. I plan to mount it on a tiny plaque, gosh this just cracks me up, like a deer skull. If I knew how to do emoticons I would insert one of someone laying on the floor laughing. ;O)

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